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    좋아하는 곡들 중 아직 번역되어 불리지 않는 곡들을 소개하고 있습니다

    Date2010.11.17 By주인장 Views630
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  2. Jeff Deyo - Rescue Me (날 구하소서)

    Date2014.09.01 By주인장 Views23
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  3. Sonicflood - Save me (구하소서)

    Date2014.02.20 By주인장 Views69
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  4. Chris Tomlin - God's Great Dance Floor (하나님의 거대한 무도장)

    Date2013.04.16 By주인장 Views181
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  5. Sonicflood - Rushing in (밀려오네)

    Date2012.11.29 By주인장 Views165
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  6. Avalon - Always Have Always Will (지금까지 앞으로도)

    Date2011.11.10 By주인장 Views597
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    Steven Curtis Chapman - Do Everything (모든 일을)

    Date2011.09.19 By주인장 Views626
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  8. Steven Curtis Chapman - Long Way Home (집으로 향하는 먼 길)

    Date2011.09.17 By주인장 Views581
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  9. Chris Sligh - Empty Me (비우소서)

    Date2011.09.07 By주인장 Views588
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  10. Steven Curtis Chapman - Not Home Yet (본향으로 가는 중)

    Date2011.03.21 By주인장 Views891
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  11. Steven Curtis Chapman - With Hope (희망으로)

    Date2011.03.15 By주인장 Views1304
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  12. Delirious - History Maker (역사창조자 .. 음-_-?)

    Date2011.03.03 By주인장 Views1409
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  13. Delirious - Deeper (더 깊게)

    Date2011.03.03 By주인장 Views1241
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    Steven Curtis Chapman - Cinderella (신데렐라)

    Date2011.02.22 By주인장 Views1442
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  15. Michael W. Smith - This is Your Time (당신의 시간)

    Date2011.01.08 By주인장 Views926
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  16. Damien Rice - Cannonball (포탄)

    Date2011.01.05 By주인장 Views1629
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  17. Steven Curtis Chapman - When Love Takes You in (사랑이 당신을 품을 때)

    Date2010.12.19 By주인장 Views611
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  18. Steven Curtis Chapman - Your Side of the World (당신이 보는 세상)

    Date2010.12.19 By주인장 Views624
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  19. No Image

    DC Talk - My Will (내 의지)

    Date2010.12.19 By주인장 Views1007
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  20. Steven Curtis Chapman - Beauty Will Rise (아름다움이 일어나리)

    Date2010.12.19 By주인장 Views828
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  21. Steven Curtis Chapman - Beautiful Scar (아름다운 자국)

    Date2010.12.16 By주인장 Views812
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